Young Women and Democracy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list

update 30 December 1995

"Reading the material you send me it still remains vague for me what the project is exactly about."
Yes, there is alot of space for input for interested people. Some of the themes that seem to be emerging are:

  • Economic issues centering around women and work, changing consumption and production patterns, and impact of international financial institutions
  • Image and portrayal of women in media and in commercial advertising, as well as women's use of media
  • Women, environment and health (including nuclear radiation, dioxins, coal-thermal pollution, contamination of heavy metals from industry)
  • Women and democracy, both in a broad sense beginning in our own activist organisations, and at work, or at school, at home, in public sphere, as well as in political structures

    "Where do you get your funding from?"
    From many, many sources - including government ministries and private foundations. Often just in small amounts. We have never, however, solicited funds from any corporate sources. The money for this particular project is in a larger sum and it is primarily from the Commission of the European Union, PHARE/TACIS programme.

    "Is there travel money available for women from the post-communist region in your proposal?"
    Yes, in the framework of the activities of the project. For example to attend one of the regional exposure meetings, or the larger Young Women and Democracy Conference in Greece, the Caucus or the Skills training in Amsterdam.

    "What other groups are you working with?"
    We are quite an extensive network actually. Our focus to date is on women activists within the environment and development movements. So many of our contacts are environmental organisations generally and we communicate with some active women within those organisations. Conversely we are also linking up with individuals and organisations interested in environment and development issues who are coming from the women's movement.

    Still some questions?

    The following materials are available from the YWD office:

    In preparation:

    Forthcoming later in the campaign year:

    Interested? Send an email to or phone, mail or fax the office:
    Young Women and Democracy Programme (YWD)
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