Timetable of YWD Activities

Future plans? How do you like the idea of a 200-women European women's meeting somewhere in 1997 organised in theme working groups and to reflect on national commitments to the WCW Platform for Action? And what do you think of organising our next Young Women's Conference in June in Turkey? And documented three-month bi-lateral reciprocal exchanges for young women activists?


The Young Women and Democracy Programme is funded for a one-year period from 1 June 1995, by a grant from the European Union (PHARE/TACIS) for the above activities indicated in the Timetable. In the coming period, we will like to seek supplementary funding for additional organising support for the Pilot speakers' tours, a more developed media and press skills training programme (similar to the existing email training programme), travel costs for more far-away participants to the regional seminars and an expanded newsletter. We will also begin to seek funding for the 1996/97 programme year.

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    Last update: December 30, 1995