Just a short note to reach out to you in the development of the Young Women and Democracy Programme, which we hope some or many of you may be interested to further develop and take an active role in. In this pilot year, we are still just getting going with all these discussions and decision-making. Certainly we will learn a lot (probably stumbling a little too) about how we can all best work together and support each other and learn together in a real way.

Want to get involved?

If you are interested to further develop the YWD programme and/or take an active part in it, we would like to ask you to fill in the questionnaire below to have a better orientation about who is interested in which issues and which parts of the programme.

The main theme that runs through the entire programme is
Democracy, understood in a broad sense:
       [ ]   in the home
       [ ]   at work
       [ ]   at school
       [ ]   in social relationships
       [ ]   in media
       [ ]   in public spaces
       [ ]   in our activist organisations
       [ ]   in political structures

What do you think about it? Which aspects are most important to
you? Which would you be most interested to develop and work
on? Are there other aspects?

[ ] Yes! I would like to take responsibility in editing the general
introduction on Democracy for the YWD Reader. 
[ ] Tell me more.

[ ] Yes! I would like to take responsibility in stimulating a broad
email discussion on Democracy. 
[ ] Tell me more.

In addition, there are 5 underlying subthemes that recur: in our
YWD Newsletter issues; in different chapters of our final YWD
Reader; at the YWD Conference in Greece; at the YWD Caucus
in Netherlands; on the four Regional Meetings in Baltic States,
Newly Independent States, Central Europe and Balkan Countries;
as topics in the Local Action Day; and throughout the
forthcoming Pilot Speakers' Tours in Europe and Eurasia.

For example, the YWD Conference in Greece, September 1995
began with the development of the democracy theme and lead to
discussion on:
       [ ]   production and consumption patterns
       [ ]   media
       [ ]   sexuality
       [ ]   health
       [ ]   environment

The subthemes at the YWD Caucus at the time of the A SEED
GM in October 1995 were a follow-up from the Youth Climate
Campaign "Greenhouse Gathering" and Women for Peace and
Ecology's "Solidarity in the Greenhouse" in April 1995:
       [ ]   production and consumption patterns
       [ ]   gender and transport
       [ ]   gender and energy politics
       [ ]   equity issues
Other themes that different groups are interested to develop are
gender aspects of:
       [ ]   work
       [ ]   impact of international financial institutions
       [ ]   peace and conflict resolution
       [ ]   education
Are there any of these subthemes that you might be particularly
interested in? And what does it mean to you? 

(For example, "gender and work" - do you think of measuring
women's unpaid work, or sexual division of labour, sex
differentials in income, favoring men when laying off workers post
transition, corporate responsibility and benefits for workers,
policies of TNCs, ...) 

[ ] Yes! I would like to take responsibility in editing the specific
YWD Newsletter issue and/or chapter of the YWD Reader
dedicated to subtheme(s): ................................
[ ] Tell me more.

[ ] Yes! I would like to take responsibility in stimulating a specific
email discussion on subtheme(s): .................................. 
[ ] Tell me more.

I am interested in the following parts of the Young Women and
Democracy programme:
[ ] Regional exposure and exchange meeting
       [ ]   Central Europe
       [ ]   Balkan Countries
[ ] Newsletter/Publication of Reader
       [ ]   contributor (articles, reviews, sketches, poetry,
             graphics, etc.)
       [ ]   researcher - democracy theme
       [ ]   researcher - subtheme: ............................
       [ ]   editorial team
       [ ]   translator
[ ] YWD Pilot Speakers' Tours - April 1996
       [ ]   national organiser
       [ ]   local host
       [ ]   speaker - democracy theme
       [ ]   speaker - subtheme: ................................

The email training programme is taking place on all meetings of
the programme, both user-oriented, including conferencing, as
well as host operator oriented. We look for up to 3-5 people that
would like to follow an electronic mail host operator training and
subsequently get involved in (or start up!) an email host in their
country. Young women, particularly from Balkan countries and
Baltic States where NGO hosts are not yet so developed are
specially encouraged to apply.

[ ] Yes! Tell me more about the Email Training Programme:
       [ ] basic user training
       [ ] advanced technical support training
       [ ] local trainer

Organisation (if any):


Print out, fill in, and mail or fax to:
YWD, Postbus 92066, NL 1090 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 663 3119, fax +31 (0)20 692 5813
email: ywd@antenna.nl

Soon this questionnaire will be available in a digital form.

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