The A SEED Gender Project


Some of you have been involved in the project for some time, some of you have just gotten involved, and this will be the first time some groups have heard of the project, but, whoever you are, welcome!

What is the A SEED Gender Project?

The starting point for the Gender Project has been creating a discussion about the role of women and men within the environment and development movements, looking at patterns of expression, cooperation, decison-making and action on personal, cultural or gender lines. The Gender Project has organised and facilitated various activities, including men's and women's caucuses and gender workshops at A SEED meetings, other women's and men's gatherings.

The women's group of the Gender Project developed the Young Women and Democracy programme from a felt need to promote the political involvement of ourselves as young women in Europe, to increase women's visibility and influence, and to encourage ourselves to take the lead in action, through two-fold information and skills sharings.

While gender space - both women's and men's - is seen as vital to developing healthier gender relations, at the same time with regards to issues, we must have women and men working together taking equal responsibility for change.

The project continues to strive for gender equality as well as gender perspective in all current A SEED campaigns and projects, such as, Inform me about that Multinational Please! (IMPs), The Climate is Right for a Change, Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) project, European Union/European RoundTable of Industrialists/TransEuropean Networks (EU/ERT/TEN) campaign, Forests campaign, and Student Networking project.

A long term goal might be to set 1999 as a "Year of Transformation" where women and men would devote themselves to social transformation, organising on relevent issues regionally and mobilising globally.

If you are interested to participate in the project, please reply by e-mail, fax or letter to the office to tell why you are interested in such a project and why it must be done!

Your statement doesn't need to be long, most important is that we hear from you!

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