A SEED Europe

What is A SEED?

"A SEED is more than a campaign or network. It is most of all about people finding and supporting each other. For me, it was the strongest and most inspiring experience of my life"

A SEED (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development) Europe is the European branch of a worldwide network of committed young people who feel an urgent need for change. We are active in environmental movements, in solidarity groups, and in the youth and student movement. We work at the local, national and regional level, against domination and exploitation of people and of nature.

Fundamentally, A SEED exists to facilitate co-ordinated actions among young organisers in all parts of the world that address the global environment and development crisis. A SEED Europe is an open network that can be used as a vehicle for co-operation among groups. It does not have a hierarchical structure, so participating in A SEED Europe does not mean compromising your identity or your ideas.

Within A SEED Europe, there are several working groups co- ordinating the actions of people around Europe working on the following issues:

So whether you are working on Third World debt, pollution, transnational corporations, human rights issues, or protesting against a local road-building plan, participating in A SEED Europe can connect you up with others around Europe working on the same issue, provide useful resources and contacts, and benefit your work in many ways...

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  • Contact addresses of A SEED hubs world-wide
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