Young Women and Democracy
Regional Meeting for Newly Independent States
15 - 22 December 1995
Kiev, Ukraine


Fr 15        Arrival of participants.  Welcome dinner.
             Various games to get to know each other.

Sa 16        Session 1: Opening the meeting.
             Short presentations of participants and their
             organizations. Agenda of the meeting. Expectations
             of participants.
             Session 2: Lecture. "Women and Voluntary Activities
             in Ukraine: A Historic Outlook, including also a
             View On Soviet State Paternalism."
             >>> Small groups discussion on development and role
             of NGOs in different countries.

             Session 3: Workshop. Public participation, including

             Evening: Exhibition. Making posters presenting the                
             work of the organizations (with pictures, brochures,

Su 17        Session 1: Lecture. "Environment, Pollution and
             >>> Presentation by participants on the topic.  
             Session 2: Workshop. How to set up a campaign. 
             >>> Sharing experiences from different countries, in
             small groups. 

             Session 3: Working groups. How to motivate people. 
             >>> Ideas and experiences from different
             Evening: International evening. Everybody brings
             food and drinks from his/her home town, music
             making, singing.

Mo 18        All day excursion: Visiting various NGOs in Kiev.  
             Evening: Visit to the opera in Kiev.

Tu 19        Session 1: Lecture. "Economy, Women and Patterns of
             Consumption and Production."
             >>> Presentations by participants on the topic. 
             Session 2: Working groups. Forms of expressions and
             activism, and how the different public reacts to
             various forms. 

             Session 3: How to work with media - differences and 
             similarities in different countries.
             Evening Game: Finding group consensus about
             controversial statements. Watching audio-visual
             materials brought by participants, about their
             organizations and countries.

We 20        Session 1: E-MAIL TRAINING 
             Session 2: E-MAIL TRAINING
             Session 3: E-MAIL TRAINING

             Evening Game: Working with media - interviewing,
             writing press releases, working with camcorder.
             Watching audio-visual materials brought by
             participants, about their organizations and

Th 21        Session 1: Lecture. "Development of Civil Society." 
             >>> Plenary discussion.  
             Session 2: Working groups. Follow-up planning. 

             Session 3: Evaluation.  
             Evening: Farewell party !!

Fr 22        Departure.
We wanted that everyone in this meeting felt they have the right and the capacity to input, so we asked that everyone prepare in advance for discussion and planning on the meeting themes. Also each person was responsible to give a presentation to the group on a choice of one of the themes. The idea was that with a supportive atmosphere the process is a very empowering experience! Daily schedule:
09.00 - 10.00       Breakfast 
10.00 - 11.30       Session 1 
11.30 - 11.45       Coffee/tea break 
11.45 - 13.15       Session 2 
13.15 - 15.00       Lunch break 
15.00 - 17.00       Session 3 
18.00 - 19.30       Dinner 
20.00 - 21.30       Evening program