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Women's experiences and contributions rarely receive the attention they deserve or the resources they require. The Women's issue of SEEDlinks sets out to give a voice to the ideas, knowledge, and actions of women worldwide, in a space cretaed specifically for this purpose.

Australian women from the A SEED Pacific hub initiated this SEEDlinks two years ago, and were inundated with enthusiastic responses from all over the world. They laid much of the groundwork, passed on articles and original graphics, and shared their vision with us. They named the issue "OVAlinks" to "emphasize how our network spreads ova the world and to underscore the seed/ova dichotomy (and also to have a little fun drawing flying eggs)."

Articles and other creative contributions arrived by letter, fax and e-mail, flooding the office with over 100 pages of text. An all-women editorial team from Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United States sweat multicultural buckets in the sunny, airless Amsterdam office this summer. The result is this unusually hefty issue, as well as a remaining stock of wonderful articles that we hope to publish in future issues.

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