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Women and Economy

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This issue of the YWD newsletter series is about women and economy. We are talking about actually two huge entities: women and economy. Who are the women involved in economy?

Basically all of us are, since we all have a share in contributing to fulfilling needs; our own needs and those of others. But fulfilling one's needs is a very broad definition of economy. These days economy is seen as the system that runs our lives as consumers and producers, in theory the balance of supply and demand. But there is no balance to be found.

In this issue you will read about the contributions of women to the economy as a producer and as a consumer. We focus on women's work, like household tasks and other unpaid labour, that is NOT counted in the official economy. We will see that many women in the East and West face problems concerning unemployment. Women in the East juggle with the double task of work and family, just like their sisters in the West.

Women are also a large group of consumers, maybe even more than men. What does that mean for our environment and the image of women? The first part of the newsletter is on changing consumption and production patterns and the effects on women in the countries of transition, on sustainable consumption and actions.

Apart from the section on women and work, we included some material on the international financial institutions. You can read about the negative effects of the World Bank policies on women, but also about how you can actually do something by joining campaigns.

We remind you that the next issue of the newsletter is on Image and Portrayal of Women, and Women's Use of Media! Comments and contributions as well as original graphics are always welcome.

Enjoy this issue and have a wonderful and emancipated 1996!

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