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    Status of Women

    • Women's Bodies and the New Crusades of the Holy See, by Malini Mehra, India
    • Implications of Urbanization for East African Women, by Loren B. Landau
    • Anonymous Torture: the Legitimate Source of Institutional Power?, by Angelina Llongueras, Spain
    • Petition for Legal and Safe Abortion in Croatia
    • Girls Becoming..., by Jan Secor, USA


    Women in Action

    Beijing Conference

    • Why We May Not Be Able to Go to Beijing After All, by Lina Cabaero, Asian Students Association
    • Young Women's Leadership for Development, Equality and Peace, by Lydia Alpizar Duran
    • A Word about Beijing, by Ann D. Jordan, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    A SEED News

    • Young Women and Democracy: What does "Democracy" mean to you?, by Elenna Dugundji and others, A SEED Europe
    • A SEED Gathering: Strategies for a Global Network, by Miya Yoshitani, Student Environmental Action Coalition, USA
    • A SEED Europe website

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